Dial M for Murder

A Classic Thriller by Frederick Knott

27th February - 4th March 2017

“At exactly eleven o’clock, I shall go to the telephone in the hotel to call my boss. I shall dial the wrong number. This number. That’s all I shall do.”

Happily married, socialite Sheila Wendice is content with her life. Tony Wendice however has married his wife for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect murder; blackmailing an old acquaintance into strangling her, and arranging a brilliant alibi for himself. The plan is ingenious; fool-proof. Unfortunately, a perfect murder in the planning doesn’t always mean a perfect murder in reality. A classic thriller immortalised in Hitchcock’s classic film, that will leave you gripped to the last.

"remarkably good theatre – tingling with excitement" NY Times.


Booking opens 6th February 2017