Raising Martha

An Absurdly Hysterical Comedy by David Spicer

8-13 June 2020

“We are all animals. The only difference is we pretend to be something better. But we’re not. We’re cruel, greedy, stupid and selfish”

Gerry and Roger’s mum, Martha, has gone missing; well, most of her has… Five years after her death, she is the inadvertent victim of animal rights activists, campaigning for the liberation of the slimy inhabitants from the brothers’ frog farm. But with only the hapless Inspector Clout on the case trying to establish the whereabouts of their dead mother’s remains, things are not going to go to plan for anyone. An absurdly funny, wickedly black comedy grappling with death, vegan terrorists and six-foot tall, hallucinogenic frogs.


Booking opens 18 May 2020